Brockhues GmbH & Co. KG


Brockhues GmbH & Co. KG (Brockhues), founded in 1889 is today part of the Huntsman Corporation. This group of companies is (amongst others) leader in the manufacture and refinement of all liquid, powder based and granulated types of iron oxide as well a wide spectrum of other non-organic pigments. 


Head Office:Walluf, Deutschland

Branch:Chemical Industry


Brockhues plant in Walluf mainly produces colour pigments required for the production of coloured concrete building components, roof tiles and paving stones. The raw materials required for production are delivered in so called Bigbags - flexible bulk containers made of strong plastic fibre. Brockhues uses a KAUP attachment for handling these Bigbags in the production process - also under special circumstances.

The challenge:

Using Bigbags as a method of transport method has several advantages - for example their weight and reusability. In spite of the advantages this method of transportation also has serious disadvantages: if the Bigbag gets damaged the contents can run out and pollute the directly surrounding area. Brockhues aims to permanently avoid any contamination in the production process thus eliminating labour and cost intensive clean-up of polluted transport and production areas.

Therefore the manufacturer of coloured pigments contacted Suffel Fördertechnik GmbH & Co. KG as forklift truck supplier and KAUP as attachment manufacturer and instructed them to design a solution to meet all their requirements.

Solution and utilization:

Exceptional challenges require an exceptional solution. In this case it is a special recovery unit for damaged Bigbags based on the KAUP pallet turnover clamp type 2T451W. Together with a transport capsule, a special construction designed by Suffel, it is possible to transport damaged Bigbags in all normal sizes. The capsule is lowered onto the sack concerned, turned together and transported to its destination without any contamination of the surrounding area - normally the destination is a production machine. It is then emptied through a flap in the bottom of the capsule.

Damaged Bigbags in all normal sizes can be transported with the specially designed transport capsule.
The transport capsule is based on the KAUP pallet turnover clamp type 2T451W.
After the transport capsule has been lowered onto the damaged Bigbag it is turned.

©Photos: Suffel Fördertechnik GmbH & Co. KG