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LogiMAT 2020: World premieres for KAUP

Aschaffenburg, 28. January 2020 - KAUP GmbH & Co. KG (KAUP) is exhibiting several ground-breaking new products in the field of large surface bale clamps at the 18th LogiMAT.

The 'Smart Load Control' from KAUP celebrates its world premiere in Stuttgart. This patented, intelligent system regulates the clamping force for appliance clamps depending on the load. The aim of 'Smart Load Control' is to ensure that only as much clamping force is applied to the load as is actually necessary. The system is based on the weight and not on the dimensions of the load. Neither a previous definition of the clamping force nor an intervention of the forklift operator is necessary for this with the new KAUP development. This is because the 'Smart Load Control' determines the weight to be transported at the beginning of each transport process and adjusts the necessary clamping force - the pressure - to the weight. In this way it always guarantees damage-free handling of the goods and also enables higher opening and closing speeds and energy savings of up to 30%.

And while other manufacturers are working with more and more sensors and cameras, KAUP is going its own way with 'Smart Load Control'. The developers focused on a clear differentiation between attachments to forklifts and on 'plug and play'. 'Smart Load Control' is the only system for large surface bale clamps on the market that functions autonomously and without intervention in the forklift hydraulic system. It only needs a power supply. Otherwise it works self-contained. Advantage of this approach: The system is more accurate, responds faster, relieves the driver and protects the transported goods. In addition, 'Smart Load Control' can log the clamp pressure used for each transport operation.

Large surface bale clamps completely revised

Another first for the general public: the redesigned T414B series appliance clamp. With this product family, KAUP has turned several design screws, because the following requirements were in the specifications for the developers: stability, speed, visibility, sustainability and durability as well as ease of service and maintenance.

The arm connection - i.e. the connection of pressure frame and carriage - has been changed for greater stability. The pressure frame itself has also been redesigned. Its modular form is now significantly more compact and it consists of fewer individual parts. An integral part of the revised pressure plates is the new coating: grooved profile rubber. It is particularly abrasion-resistant and is vulcanised directly onto the support plate. Advantage of the new modular design: In the event of one-sided wear of the coating, it will no longer be necessary to replace it completely in the future. Changing the sides of the clamping arms - without removing the entire carriage - including a 180° rotation extends the service life. Additional wear pads on the bottom of the pressure plate also have a prolonging effect. They protect the bottom side of the arm and can be easily replaced after wear has occurred.

But the 2020 generation of the KAUP appliance clamp is not only more stable, low-maintenance and easy to service. It also has a better view for the driver. This is because KAUP uses more fixed pipes in the new appliance clamps than its predecessor. And that benefits visibility.

New options for even better utilisation

The clamping arms of KAUP appliance clamps have defined preload and a preset camber. KAUP provides two optional extras for the 2020 generation to adjust the mentioned factors so that preload and camber can be adapted even better to the respective goods to be transported. They allow independent adjustment of camber and preload on site. Simple tools are sufficient.

What else is there? Find out and visit us at the 18th LogiMAT from March 10 - 12, 2019 in Stuttgart. You can find us in Hall 10 at Stand F05.

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