09.07.2019  |  KAUP

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Limited telephone availability

Aschaffenburg, 09.07.2019 - KAUP is currently modernising the existing communication architecture and is currently converting all existing analogue telephone connections which will be IP-based. For this purpose, servers must be reconfigured, interfaces must work and all terminals must be equipped with new telephones.

Such a large project rarely runs completely trouble-free. Unfortunately also at KAUP. Therefore it may happen that you cannot reach us by phone from the fixed-line. The causes are manifold, the solutions are simple:

1. send us an e-mail to zentrale@kaup.de with your contact details and your request. We will be happy to call you back immediately.

2. call us on your mobile phone. Either we will call you back or we will talk about your request right away.

One thing is sure: we and our service providers are working intensively on solving the problem! We therefore ask for your understanding for any inconveniences which may arise.

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