Your way to the order documentation: explained step by step

As a KAUP customer, you have the possibility to view the order documentation of your directly ordered attachments - ordered according to years. Only the serial number of the required attachment is necessary for this. In doing so, the documentation contains the status at shipment of the attachment. Subsequent changes are not maintained.

The registration for our 'My account' login area is necessary to be able to view the order documentation. The following six steps show which steps are necessary for the registration and the search in the order documentation.

A short, compact gallery with all six steps can also be found at the end of the page.

Step 1: 'My Account'

The first step: registration for our 'My account' customer login area

Step 2: Registration

Please fill in all fields marked with * and click on 'Registration'. You receive a confirmation E-Mail immediately from KAUP in which you are requested to confirm your registration again. The registration process for you is completed when you have done this. We now check your details and subsequently enable your account.

Info: The check and enable are NOT performed automatically! Please give us a little time.

Step 3: Your start menu

'My account' - Welcome to your personal area: this is your start menu

Do you want to go to the order documentation? Then click at the top right.

Step 4: Input of the KAUP order / serial number

You can search for your completed orders here. Enter the appropriate KAUP order / serial number for this.

Step 5: Your search results

If you do not have the complete order / serial number available, you can also use wildcards for the input. Replace the unknown numbers with a single * - e.g. 234*. All orders in the selected period will be displayed to you. The positions highlighted in blue contain complete order documentation that can be retrieved by clicking on them.

Step 6: Download search results

The individual positions of the selected order documentation can either be opened directly or downloaded.

All individual positions are compiled in one place as ZIP file - the complete ZIP file is downloaded.

Your way to the order documentation: gallery of each step