KAUP Attachments

KAUP attachments turn every forklift into a multifunctional allrounder with many talents because our Sideshifters, Fork Positioners, Clamps etc. solve nearly every material handling task. We offer worldwide the widest product spectrum of forklift attachments. Ranging from reasonable priced attachment families for less demanding applications on the one hand to innovative high-capacity products and premium products on the other hand.

Our attachments connect flexibility and variety with high profitability and economic efficiency. In addition, KAUP attachments can be equipped with a range of additional options. Regardless if saltwater resistant finish, a limited rotation or differing opening ranges and capacities are required - we offer the optimum solution for every need.

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KAUP attachments are long-lasting quality products "Made in Germany". Manufactured out of high-quality 1000-fold proven components with an excellent price-performance ratio.

KAUP's service friendly module system ensures reliability because our reasonably priced spare parts are available on short call. Moreover, we give on our spare parts 30-year guarantee of delivery.

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