Responsibility towards our environment

As a manufacturing company KAUP depends on numerous resources and raw materials. We want the production of our equipment to affect people and environment as little as possible and conserve resources and raw materials. Because they are the basis of existence for present and future generations.

For KAUP responsibility already begins with product development - in particular KAUP comprehends responsibility towards its customers and our environment. Basically the main focus for KAUP is durability, reliability and product safety. These points are even implemented in the production process and also include the supply chain with their raw materials.

KAUP has designed the production process in such a manner as to have as little impact as possible on the indirect and direct environment. How? For instance KAUP exclusively utilises water-based coatings and cleans the resulting exhaust air with a multi-stage filter process.

The project "Ökoprofit" carefully examines KAUP regularly

KAUP limits its own energy consumption as much as possible - by working with machines and tools with the latest technology and regular modernisation of the administration and manufacturing buildings. We regularly check our production processes in order to recognize and implement further saving potentials. Furthermore our efforts in the area of resource conservation are regularly examined by the project "Öko-Profit". This regional project is supported by the "Bayerischer Untermain" and focuses on an effective way of protecting resources such as raw materials, water and energy.

Additionally KAUP set up environmental and energy management systems, which were be certified according to ISO 14001 and ISO 50001 regularly.