Complaints management at KAUP

Your opinion is the focus at KAUP! Whether it is a complaint or praise - your feedback counts! Because only when we know your opinion of the service from KAUP can we continue optimising our service for you.

In the process we practice an open and transparent service culture - we take all complaints seriously and treat them as a chance to improve. Based on your opinion, we can change processes at KAUP jointly and at the end offer you a better service.

Your feedback on improving our service

Now and again it is possible, that something does not go to your satisfaction or how you expect from us. We don't want that to become a regular occurrence. For this we need your help! Please tell us where and when something wasn't right. Only then can we ensure that it doesn't happen again.

At KAUP, we have a complaints manager for such cases. He will deal with your feedback directly and send you an answer to your concern within three days. Please use our online form for your concern or write an e-mail directly to

We naturally also look forward to positive feedback if you are happy with the service from KAUP and you tell us about it. We can also learn from this feedback. Because our joint positive experiences may also be applicable to other customers.

What is a complaint for us?

A complaint for us is any expression of dissatisfaction by our customers - it does not matter if it is about our services or our behaviour. For technical product problems, on the other hand, there is the familiar team in technical support for you for claims management.

Do you have technical product problems?

Your contacts in technical support are available to you as usual for complaint management.

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