Code of Conduct of KAUP GmbH & Co. KG

The Company participates in fair competition and aims to be successful in the market through its employees, its innovative strength, the quality of its products and the reliability and regularity of its manufacturing and supply chain, while assuming responsibility for the environment and society. The Company consequently respects applicable law everywhere and expects the same from its employees and business partners. Unlawful behaviour can cause significant economic damage. Even the impression of an infringement can impair the Company's market position. The consequences of an individual’s actions must therefore also be measured in terms of how they affect the reputation of the Company and the integrity of its employees and management.

Another cornerstone of the Company's success is a committed and motivated corporate culture that is supported by the responsible and ethical conduct of each employee. A committed, motivated and responsible corporate culture also includes a commitment to uphold integrity in our business dealings. Each action must therefore be based on a clear understanding of statutory and legal requirements, internal company guidelines and shared values.

These rules of conduct describe the framework for how the Company's objectives are to be implemented in day-to-day work. It is not only the results that matter, but also the way in which these goals are achieved. The rules of conduct thus facilitate compliance with statutory requirements and internal regulations. However, they cannot represent a complete collection of the obligations of all jurisdictions in which the company operates. However, like this Code of Conduct, these must be observed and complied with by all employees. Both supervisors and specialist departments, such as Human Resources, are available to answer questions.