Multi Pallet Handlers

KAUP Multi Pallet Handlers significantly rationalise in-plant transportation and are in operation world wide in all branches of industry. They are put into operation where several pallets or other loads are transported simultaneously; therefore KAUP Multi Pallet Handlers contribute to efficient and economical logistics.

The construction consisting of KAUP T-profiles, C-profiles and, depending on the model, round profiles ensures highest stability even under tough working conditions, long operation with extended intervals between servicing and a minimum of required maintenance.

Advantages of KAUP Multi Pallet Handlers:


  • Choice between visibility optimised design and residual capacity optimised design
  • Solid construction from T-profiles and C profiles for highest stability and long operating hours
  • Service and maintenance friendy design
  • Very little wear and tear - SMOOTHROLL-roller guided needle bearing brackets and SOFTSTOP-end of stroke slow down serially
  • Synchronism for high operation speeds
  • Numerous individual adaptations possible
  • Low wear and tear Hardox protection in fork bend optionally


Possible operational areas:


  • All branches of industry
  • Beverage industry
  • Building material trade - building industry
  • All kinds of pallet commissioning and other forms of freight handling