Smart Load Control - the autonomous system for flexible definition of the clamping force


  • The ‚Smart Load Control‘ (SLC) system regulates, as the only one on the market, the clamping force on appliance-/carton clamps exclusively load dependent and not load pattern dependent.
  • The weight is decisive for the flexible definition of the clamping force - not the dimensions of the load.
  • The aim of the system is to ensure that only as much clamping force as really necessary acts on the load 


  • Clamping: Clamping arms move together and begin to clamp the load with a minimum pressure.
  • Pressure: The lifting movement generates an automatic pressure adjustment until the load is lifted freely.
  • Handling: Lifting, clamping and transpor- tation of the load with optimal clamping pressure – never more than absolutely necessary.


  • Guarantee for damage-free handling of goods.
  • Monitoring, Recording and Reportable control
  • Autonomic system
  • SLC functions without intervention in the forklift hydraulics - ‚Plug and Play‘
  • No intervention of the forklift truck driver
  • Smart Load Control is an autonomous system and can also be combined with other KAUP clamps.

Learn more about our product innovation Appliance- / Carton Clamps T413G · T414 in our product brochure!

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Appliance- and Carton Clamp T413G · T414

KAUP always offers the right Appliance- and Carton Clamps! And KAUP has once again improved this product group. Newly designed pressure frame and pressure plates, fixed pipe lines instead of flexible hoses, optional possibilities for setting camber and toe-in are only some of the features of the new KAUP Appliance- and Carton Clamps. And as an absolute novelty: load-dependent clamping force control ‚Smart Load Control‘.

Innovations of T414B-1

  • New pressure plates with vulcanized abrasion-resistant grooved profile rubber - 180° rotation
  • Toe-in & camber individually adjustable
  • New, optimized arm support and new torsion resistant pressure frame
  • Low service, glide-optimized synthetic sliding profiles
  • Exchangeable, high strength wear and tear pads
  • Optimized hydraulic system

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