eop: attachments - electrically operated

The here and now is electric. This is not exclusively true for cars and industrial trucks of various kinds. Even attachments for automated guided vehicle systems, forklift trucks or pedestrian stackers are now electrically powered.

With the eop series, KAUP has electrified the most important implement functions and its range includes Sideshifter, Fork Positioner, Rotator and Double Pallet Handler with electronic drives for a wide variety of material handling tasks.

Main functions electrified

No hydraulic drive

Precise positioning - no trailing

Basis: proven KAUP series

Individual adaptations to every industrial truck; for plant constructors and automators

CAN-BUS interface for communication
of attachment and industrial truck

Option for monitoring,
recording and report

Significantly higher energy efficiency
in comparison to the hydraulic drive

Double Pallet Handler 1.5T429eop

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Rotator 1T351e-op

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Sideshifter 1.7T151eop

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Fork Positioner 2T160Beop

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