Our suppliers are important partners with whom we strive to form long term business relationships. This is not just a matter of one-sided and short-term success but a balanced business footing on both sides based on quality, reliability, economic efficiency and fairness.

The objective of KAUP is reliable delivery to our customers of qualitatively flawless products, usable without any restrictions and on which stated features are fully guaranteed. For this purpose we require supplier partners who help fulfil the previously mentioned objectives and support us in our striving for continuous improvement of our attachments and customer satisfaction.

Purchasing decisions by KAUP are taken under consideration of all objective and comprehensive factors. In selecting our suppliers we endeavourer to use uniform criteria and guidelines and to evaluate equally and without prejudice potential and known suppliers. The deciding factors for us when evaluating suppliers are quality and reliability during product selection and parameters such as punctuality and accessibility.

In order to avoid misunderstandings and to obtain necessary independence to all concerned parties we waiver any personal advantage. Exemptions are only so called socially acceptable gifts such as small promotional items (wall calendars, cigarette lighters, ballpoint pens, chocolates, wine etc.).

Our currently valid Purchasing Conditions and provisions for external companies are available for download in PDF format.

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