Telescopic Forks - Conveyer Belt Forks

KAUP Telescopic Forks make it possible to pick-up or set down palletised loads from the opposite side of trucks and wagons or stacked double deep on shelves. Therefore this attachment provides quick loading options and increases loading speeds. In addition Telescopic Forks can be used as hydraulic fork extensions.

With a low lost load centre which compares favourably with standard forks and slightly higher weight, Telescopic Forks achieves a good residual capacity. In addition Telescopic Forks can be easily combined with other KAUP Attachments, e.g. Fork Positioners.

The new KAUP Conveyor Belt Forks - the revolution for efficient stacker's application.

With this attachment the handling of palettised and non-palettised load is possible - completely without device change. For this reason the conveyor belt forks of KAUP decisively extend the application possibilities of every forklift. For example they allow the transport of bag products on slip-sheets of cardboards and of extensive not clammy product. But also euro-palettes can be taken up easily along and crosswise and be transported safely.

Advantages of KAUP Telescopic Forks:


  • Very good visibility conditions
  • Excellent residual capacity
  • Very simple and quick assembly
  • Service friendly construction

Possible operational areas:


  • All types of industry
  • General logistics of palletised goods
  • Food industry
  • Beverage industry
  • Building industry
  • Engineering industry


Advantages of the KAUP Conveyor Belt Forks:


  • Quick and safe handling of palettised and non-palettised load
  • Maximum height use during the loading & unloading of containers
  • Maximum stacker's load-carrying capacity
  • The best visibility conditions
  • No device or stacker's change required

Possible operational areas:


  • Building material industry
  • Consumer goods and food industry
  • Furniture industry
  • Air cargo logistics