Our Philosophy

You'll seldom hear KAUP say it won't work. Because our philosophy is to realize almost every customer request - nearly every material handling task - together with our customers and acting in their best interest.

Numerous branch characterizing innovations by KAUP speak volumes. To mention, for example, the Multi Pallet Handler which for the first time handles up to 8 pallets simultaneously. Also the development of a 30 ton rotator to unload train railcars shows KAUP's creativity. Not to mention KAUP's most recent new developments - Conveyer Belt Forks and the Side Shifter with fork positioning function.

KAUP will, in future, continue to be creative and innovative. To achieve this we focus our attention on intensive communication with our customers as well as extraordinarily inventive employees in technical design and manufacturing.

(Nearly) everything is possible.

Naturally we have certain limitations in physical and economical terms. Not everything that is theoretically possible makes economical sense. And not everything requested or perhaps necessary is physically realizable. In dialogue with our customers we always try to keep the balance between feasibility and what is practical.

Independent of current customer's enquiries we are constantly improving our products. It is our incentive to develop those further, adapt them to changed requirements, to increase the level of quality and to optimize production.