The company D. Bader Söhne GmbH & Co. KG was founded in 1930. Since 1959 the company designs and manufactures forklift trucks according to customer specifications and markets them under the brand name bAKA. 

Head Office:Remshalden, Germany

Branch:Mechanical engineering

Requirements and challenge:

As a well-renowned specialist of tailor made solutions complying with specific customer requirements, bAKA offers a large number of durable, high quality series and specialized forklift trucks for efficient organization of the internal material work flow.

For flexible assembly line production in mechanical engineering and in forklift truck industry bAKA has, for example, mobile assembly units in their portfolio. These have already proven themselves in the sport car factory Porsche, Deutz the manufacturer of engines and Krones AG, a world leader in bottling and packaging technology. Using these mobile assembly units in their production, bAKA customers can always create optimal working positions in order to achieve best working conditions.

In order to achieve efficient and user friendly results when designing and manufacturing for their sometimes very demanding logistic operations bAKA uses the know-how of their suppliers. KAUP is for bAKA a system supplier and was therefore involved in the adjustment process of the mobile assembly units for the above named customers. The target was to find the best possible KAUP attachment for the specified requirements and adapt them if necessary at an early stage.

Solution and utilization:

In order to equip their mobile assembly units bAKA chose a Rotator in the range T351.1. This KAUP attachment features, among other things, an endless rotating range of 360°. As previously delivery KAUP attachments - several dozens of them - were supplied without forks or other means of load pickup, it is relatively easy to fit the rotators, project specific, with the required load carriers.

For this reason KAUP Rotators are used in the component assembly of the Porsche 918 Spyder, the module assembly of blow and cast stations at Krones AG and in the assembly of engines at Deutz in Cologne und Shandong (China).

KAUP Rotators are used in the component assembly of the Porsche 918 Spyder.
Mobile assembly units from bAKA and KAUP rotators allow optimal working positions – as seen in the engine assembly at Deutz…
...and in the module assembly of blow and cast stations at the company Krones AG.