Kubota (Deutschland) GmbH


The name KUBOTA is associated with high quality products. Since the company was founded in 1890 in Osaka, Japan the company has developed into one of the worlds’ leading industrial concerns for construction machinery, tractors and industrial engines. The Kubota (Deutschland) GmbH, based in Rodgau/Nieder-Roden near Frankfurt am Main has, for the last 25 years, played a major role in the success of the company. With the business divisions compact tractors, industrial engines, spare part sales and after sales service the world-wide KUBOTA concept is also highly successful in Germany.


German Headquarters:

Rodgau/Nieder-Roden, Germany

Branch:Manufacturers of construction and agriculture machinery


Requirements and challenge:

In order to meet the requirements of the German market, the machines are mounted with individual customer requirements such as tyres, attachment, etc. directly in the assembly halls in Rodgau. This wide product portfolio requires attachments to meet constantly changing new challenges.

One of the tasks in the completion of tractors is, for example, the mounting of tyres delivered in horizontal position. The tyres are first picked up off the pallet, turned 90°, placed in a mounting frame and finally mounted on the axle of the agricultural tractor. An additional demand from Kubota: when the operating forklift truck is not being used to transport tyres, it should be employed in transporting pallets with primary and finished products in order to increase the efficiency of the forklift truck.

Solution and utilization:

At the Rodgau manufacturing plant the Japanese agricultural technology specialist uses Linde forklift trucks, supplied by Suffel Fördertechnik, which are fitted with a special combination of three KAUP attachments. This is made up of an integrated 2.5T013SWMI with quick-change system which allows a speedy change of the main attachment in the production process. A tyre tilting clamp 2T406-2H for handling tyres and wheels and a fork positioner 2T466BZ for transporting pallets complete the combination.

Operation proceeds as follows: when the forklift truck is not needed for the transportation of tyres Kubota uses the tyre tilting clamp. This clamp can pick up and put down tyres i.e. wheels with a diameter of 800 - 1.800 mm and a maximum weight of 300 kg. To achieve this the clamp has a tilting range of 180°, clamping arms and pressure plates - rubber coated with Remagrip - and standard sideshift stroke to compensate any misalignment. Apart from sporadic transportation of tyres Kubota uses the forklift truck for versatile handling of palletized products and goods. In this case the fork positioner with an opening range of 130 - 930 mm (between left edges of forks) and a fork length of 1.200 m is put into operation.

Tyre tilting clamp 2T406-2H is used by Kubota to transport tyres.
The opening range of the tyre tilting clamp 2T406-2H is, between the pressure plates, up to 2.070 mm large.
The fork positioner type 2T466BZ is used to transport palletized goods.