MEIER Betonwerke GmbH


MEIER Betonwerke GmbH is a manufacturer of precast concrete elements and masonry systems. As a medium-sized family business, it can look back on over 130 years of company history. The output of numerous modern production facilities is delivered to construction sites in southern Germany and distributed via the 'EUROBAUSTOFF-Kooperation'.

Head office:Lauterhofen, Germany

Industry:Building materials industry


Double innovation

What is needed if one block clamp is not enough to move bricks quickly and safely from A to B? A double block clamp. MEIER Betonwerke GmbH is now using this in its internal logistics.

The motto of MEIER Betonwerke GmbH (MEIER) is: "Innovation is our tradition". And according to this motto, the regionally rooted family business from Lauterhofen near Nuremberg has been a permanent fixture in the construction industry for more than 130 years. In the early years as a sideline, today several hundred employees work for the manufacturer of precast concrete elements, masonry systems and bricks. They manufacture innovative products that combine high quality requirements with ecological and economic sustainability. MEIER has been using attachments from KAUP for some time for its internal logistics.

Special handling of brick packs

Among other things, different types of bricks are manufactured in Lauterhofen. The bricks are combined into larger units at the end of the production process. For brick packs with and without separate load carrier. There are several possibilities for transporting such brick packs. Multiple sideshifters and multiple pallet handlers are usually the first choice when the goods to be transported are on pallets. However, bricks are also often stacked directly on top of each other in packs - without load carriers. This application can be solved with multiple fork positioners, as KAUP Australia has done. Block clamps that clamp the packs at the side and thus transport them are another solution. That is usually a simple block and brick clamp. Not in Lauterhofen.

Why? MEIER has optimised its logistics and storage. It is planned to always load two brick packs onto small but very stable trailers for transport to the MEIER outdoor storage area. Several trailers in turn form a type of train. On arrival at the outdoor storage area, the trailers should be emptied as quickly as possible. To do this, both packs must be picked up in one loading operation, brought to the intended position in the outdoor storage area and deposited there. And for this a special block clamp model is used in Middle Franconia: a double block clamp 5T412H-2 suitable for the carrier vehicle Hyundai 70D-9.

Block clamp from KAUP x 2

The basis for the double block clamp 5T412H-2 at MEIER is the block clamp T412H from KAUP. This clamp model is frequently used for handling bricks. This is due to the grease filled clamping arms and the usually 15 mechanical-hydraulic compensating buffers of this attachment. They adapt to irregular contours and, together with various coverings - e.g. polyurethane - enable optimum clamping of the load at all times.

KAUP has more or less duplicated its block clamp in order to be able to operate the transport scenario at MEIER. Difference: The two T412H have a common clamp body that has a separate sideshift of +/- 160 mm. The opening range of the individual pairs of clamps is also naturally smaller than that of a conventional design. Nevertheless, with approx. 600 - 1,200 mm per clamp, it is completely sufficient to move the double block clamp between the two brick packs and pick up both packs.

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