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Otto Graf GmbH develops, produces and sells a comprehensive product range in the field of water resource management. Solutions for global challenges such as water protection or flood prevention meet “Made in Germany” brand quality at GRAF. In the process, the European market leader can draw on more than 50 years of experience. Treating water resources with care, prevention of environmental harm and responsible dealings with people and nature stand here at the forefront. The product range in the area of rainwater utilisation extends from rain barrels for private use to underground tanks holding up to 122,000 litres. Worldwide, the company employs around 450 people. GRAF products are exported to over 60 countries throughout the world.

Head Office:Teningen im Breisgau

Branch:Produktion hochwertiger Kunststofferzeugnisse


Requirements and challenge:

The large GRAF Carat XXL tanks are storage tanks with a capacity of up to 122,000 litres for underground installation. They consist of a number of different segments with a diameter of 2.5 m.

During the production process, it is necessary to move and transport the rather large but relatively light tanks/segments within the company on several occasions. In itself, that is not a problem. However, depending on weather and the production process phase, the tank sizes change. In order to be able to move the tanks safely, the ribs of the respective tanks are used. However, the exact positioning of the fork tines in the tank ribs is challenging and requires an appropriate attachment due to the variations in tank size.

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Solution and utilization:

GRAF as the user, the forklift dealer - Schöler Fördertechnik AG - and KAUP were able to solve this challenge together. To this end, KAUP enhanced an existing attachment significantly and provided it with additional equipment options. Fork positioner 5T411BZA has been in use together with a Linde E50/600 HL forklift since May 2017 at the rainwater harvesting systems manufacturer at its production location Dachstein.

The basis of the system is provided by the well-proven KAUP fork positioner series T411BZ with separate sideshift. With the tonnage used at GRAF, the opening range of the attachment is up to six metres with a width of up to four metres. The additional equipment options are mainly in the area of the fork tines. For example, the fork positioner has an additional, third fork. In addition, all fork tines of the 5T411BZA are specially shaped. They fit exactly in the grooves of the GRAF tanks in order to be able to pick up and transport them with a positive fit. They thus ensure an optimum grip. An individually designed load backrest and a particular slip-on type load securing device on the middle fork provide additional security for the tanks. And if the fork lift truck is used for other handling tasks, quick mounting bottom hooks allow fast changes to a different attachment.

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Fork Positioner T411BZ