Sawmill Pfoser e.U.


Sawmill Pfoser is a family business from Ulrichsberg in Upper Austria. Pfoser sees itself as a complete wood supplier and has been producing various wood-related products for three generations - for joinery professionals, private craftsmen, carpenters and industrial bulk purchasers. 

Head Office:Ulrichsberg, Austria

Branch:Wood industry


Requirements and challenge:

Pfoser produces a wide variety of (timber) wood products for its customers: from individual boards, terraces and floors to complete roof trusses. Round timber from the Bohemian Forest forms the basis for the property-related sawn structural timber. It is produced by sawing parallel to the log axis, usually has a rectangular or almost rectangular cross section and a minimum thickness of 17 mm.

After sawing, the timber can be further processed according to customer requirements if necessary. It can be dried, hardened, planed, painted or treated in any other way. Packages with several layers of cut wood are transported internally for this. In addition, it should also be possible to transport round timber to production and to load bulk goods with an existing high tipping bucket. Pfoser was looking for a new forklift equipped with a suitable attachment for these handling tasks.

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Solution and benefits:

Sawmill Pfoser as user, the forklift dealer - Linde Material Handling Austria GmbH - and KAUP were able to solve this challenge together. KAUP further developed an existing attachment and adapted it to the Pfoser requirements.

The solution: an integrated tipping carriage with a special side shift of ±225 mm, which is based on the stable and visually optimised T160 fork positioner. In addition, the attachment was equipped with load protection grids and quick-change couplings for the temporary use of an attachable bulk material shovel. To make optimum use of the Combination of attachments used on a Linde H70D forklift since autumn 2017, the tipping carriage has a tipping range of 55° to the front and 35° to the rear.

More information about the serial model:

Fork Positioner T160B and Tipping Carriage T130