Badische Drahtwerke GmbH


The company Badische Drahtwerke GmbH based in Kehl (BDW) mainly produces reinforcing wire mesh, lattice girders, reinforced steel and band steel for the construction industry. These products are marketed and sold world wide. 

Head Office:Kehl, Germany

Branch:Steel Industry


The company BDW has been using KAUP know-how for several years and thus operate KAUP attachments in their intrallogistics. However a further special attachment was required in order to transport and load heavy coils of wire.

The challenge:

The wire coils transported by the Badischen Drahtwerken are processed on site to different reinforced steel products for the construction industry. The coils have an inner diameter which lies between 550 mm and 930 mm and a weight of several tons. Dimensions and weight require that only a special attachment can operate at BDW.

Solution and utilization:

KAUP, in cooperation with BDW, designed a Coil Clamp which is in operation integrated in a Linde forklift truck supplied by Schöler Fördertechnik AG.

The Coil Clamp is optimally adapted to the specifications in Kehl. It has a hydraulically telescoping jib including pivoting hydraulic clamp designed to pick up the transport load on the inside - i.e. clamps it.

The integrated Coil Clamp for Badische Drahtwerke GmbH consists of:

  • a capacity of 5.500 kg at 1.500 mm l.l.c. & 3.500 kg at 2.250 mm l.l.c.,
  • a jib with a length of 2.000 mm which is hydraulically telescopic between 1.250 mm - 2.250 mm from front edge of the web plate,
  • a clamp opening range of 480 - 980 mm.
The company Badischen Drahtwerke GmbH transports coils of wire with a KAUP Coil Clamp.
The hydraulically telescoping jib of the 10T099I simplifies loading and loading coils of wire.