Employees opinion

Regina Hirsch

Design engineer - at KAUP since September 2003

"I started my "KAUP career" with an apprenticeship as a technical draughtsperson - today it would be called technical product designer. But I wanted to go even deeper into mechanical engineering and therefore I additionally did an appropriate degree. The best thing for me was that KAUP made an effort for me the whole time and made it clear that I was always welcome. As a result, the contact was never broken. Completely the opposite. During the holidays, I was always able to apply my theoretical knowledge in practice at KAUP.

Therefore, it was obvious for me that I wanted to return completely to KAUP after my degree: a step that I have never regretted. As a mechanical engineer, today I work in the new developments of our attachments. A varied role where I can always see what I have developed: from the idea for a new attachment, via the development and design to production. It is typical for KAUP that I not only get a lot of responsibility, but also a large amount of input - across all levels and not only from my own department. And despite our size and the possibilities, KAUP still has a friendly atmosphere and is clearly structured. Everybody knows everybody, you are treated as a person and not as a number."

Franziska Markusch

Industrial engineer - at KAUP since September 2011

"At school I already had a clear idea of my future career. I wanted to work with my hands - only sitting in an office is not my thing - and it needed to be local. But I also didn't want to learn a classical trade. This led quite quickly to the profession of an industrial engineer. Agreed, that this is not yet a classic job for women. But it is still what I wanted. A relation employed here recommended KAUP, as I wanted to be in a company where the people are important.

The start of the training was really difficult. But that was no different for my male colleagues. The in-house training centre and the intensive supervision by the trainers confirmed my decision. However, the practical orientation was much more important for me. At KAUP, even as an apprentice in production you move through various departments. And one of these stations - the final inspection - is where I now work and with my colleagues thoroughly test the attachments produced before dispatching. A varied role, as I see the whole range of KAUP attachments here.

However, I would like to learn more, and I am therefore currently going to the technical school. KAUP is supporting me with this and makes it possible, for example, to be flexible with time so that I can devote my evenings to mechanical engineering. However, not only the company helps me, but also my colleagues. And this solidarity is precisely what argues for KAUP."

Elena Geis

Apprentice "Industrial Clerk" at KAUP

"I have been given the opportunity here at KAUP to learn my dream job of "Industrial Clerk". I knew quite early on that I would like to work in an office, so I searched on the World Wide Web for possible jobs. I liked my training as an industrial clerk right from the start. There is a lot of variety, as you pass through all stations and experience the process from the enquiry to the shipping. This is also a very great benefit after the training. You know all the contact persons in the individual departments and therefore know who is responsible for which tasks. I came to KAUP partly through the Careers Advisory Service (CAS) of the Federal Employment Agency, but also through family experiences.

Training plays a very important role at the family business KAUP. You are not just any trainee, you are part of the team from the very first day. I was immediately allowed to work on customer enquiries or write orders. That's what an industrial clerk does. And after a few weeks I was even allowed to answer the first customer telephone calls. But of course I also get help, because nobody leaves you alone here. After all, they once travelled the same path as myself. At KAUP you are also well prepared for the vocational training school. We trainees meet once a week to discuss all school-related matters and learn for the next school day.

At the moment, I don't know where and how things will continue for me after my training. I would like to be taken on."

Florian Maiberger

Cutting machine operator - at KAUP since September 2008

"KAUP convinced me very quickly. After only one week student internship in the ninth grade I knew I would like to get into the KAUP internship training. I was all the more delighted when I was accepted. At KAUP I was the first trainee who learned the profession of cutting machine operator within 3 ½ years. It was an exiting time.

Today I work at a modern machining centre in two-shift operation. Mainly component parts for large-scale devices and small series are manufactured there. But this does not become boring. No day is like any other because I constantly have to decide on how I aim to manufacture certain parts. I have little more than a drawing to go by. I really have to consider how to manufacture the component on the drawing in the most economic way and which of course is easy on the material. I decide on my own responsibility which tools I use and how I finally programme the relevant CNC machine. I like this responsibility which has been given to me in such a short time after completing my vocational training."

Roland Klein

Manager Order Clarification - at KAUP since September 1985

"I have spent my whole professional life at KAUP. To me time seems to have flown by. But this is not solely contributed to my development within the company but also to the personal ties and friendships which have evolved over the years. Furthermore it makes me quite proud being part of this company - with great colleagues, a continuous growth and convincing products.

I started my career at KAUP with vocational training, lasting 3 ½ years, as a machine fitter. After some years working in the assembly I changed into production planning and was responsible for a range of different products. I'm benefiting from that experience now. I simultaneously attended school with vocational training and completed a master in precision mechanics.

What I especially enjoy about my current position, which I've held since 2011, is the variety and the responsibility which my colleagues and I bear. Because we check all orders before quotations are prepared on the issue of whether and how the request can be implemented. It is therefore important to know our attachments. That requires a lot of experience. And meanwhile I have gained quite a lot of it."