03.12.2019  |  KAUP

Digitalisation allows KAUP to save a ton of paper

Aschaffenburg, December 3, 2019 - KAUP GmbH & Co. KG (KAUP) uses the possibilities of digitalisation and thus saves almost one ton of paper - per year. This is how much the largest T429B-1-2-3 triple pallet handler weighs. How does KAUP accomplish the reduction? The company dispenses with spare parts documentation in paper form with immediate effect. Instead, the recipient of a new KAUP attachment automatically receives the relevant documentation in PDF format by e-mail. The file can then be linked to the corresponding order and stored. Operating manuals for KAUP attachments are not affected by this innovation. As required by law, they will continue to be shipped in paper form together with the attachment.

The changeover to paperless spare parts documentation was preceded by a test phase of six months. The documentation was sent in parallel, in both printed and digital form. Objective: KAUP wanted to find out whether the paperless spare parts documentation will be accepted. And the verdict was positive. In the past, spare parts documentation was often disposed of at the destination immediately after delivery, as KAUP found out with customer surveys. The actual objective of being able to easily order spare parts for the relevant attachment during operation was often not achieved as a result.

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