Beacon Packaging Ltd.

Beacon Packaging Ltd. uses a KAUP Pallet Turnover Clamp T451W for internal transportation of corrugated cardboard.


For more flexibility

Apart from complex production processes on an area of 80.000 qm and the resulting wide range of different paper and cardboard products, Beacon Packaging also has a storage area with about 2.000 pallet bays. These resources are not only used by the company themselves but are also made available to customers who can temporarily store products already ordered and manufactured until the scheduled delivery date. The wide variety of requirements means that different kinds of attachments are needed.

Production and storage place different requirements on internal Material Handling at Beacon Packaging. For example palletized and non-palletized goods must be turned, manufactured products transferred from production pallets onto transport pallets and different sized pallets handled. All these requirements were made possible with the use of KAUP attachments.

KAUP, together with B&B Attachments Ltd. the largest independent provider of attachments in Great Britain and the exclusive KAUP representative on the island, supplied Beacon Packaging with several different attachments.

For several months the company has been using Fork Positioners in the ranges T163SN and T410Z as well as a Pallet Turnover Clamp type T451W in their production process and in internal material handling. By using KAUP attachments Beacon Packaging's loading and unloading process has been reliably optimized and, as a result, their flexibility and productivity increased.


Beacon Packaging Ltd. is an independent manufacturer of different kinds of packing material including packaging made from corrugated cardboard for shipping, storage etc. The company mainly markets their products – for example shelf and storage boxes, envelopes for mailing books and rolled corrugated card - in Great Britain. 


Head Office: Aldershot, Great Britain
Branch: Paper Industry


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