BLG Logistics AG & Co. KG

The BLG Logistics AG & Co. KG relies on more than 150 attachments from KAUP in intralogistics - mainly fork positioners.

From 0 to 150

One of the services carried out by BLG Logistics AG & Co. KG is vehicle parts logistics for notable manufacturers locally and abroad. For example, they have taken over the vehicle part logistics for Mercedes-Benz at the plant in Bremen. This means that they organise incoming goods, unpacking and storage of parts, production processes (sequence planning) and the shipping of vehicle parts. In the past, the Bremen based logistic service provider did not make use of KAUP attachments.

The logistics of controlling up to one thousand parts required for one vehicle is carried out by a detailed "container management" system. All vehicle parts are stored in different sized containers and brought to the required position in the production line by forklift and industrial trucks. In order to handle containers Fork Positioners in different versions and tonnages are optimal as they transport the load - in this case the containers - safely and securely.

Recently, BLG Logistics AG & Co. KG modernized and standardized the 150 attachments in operation at its Bremen location. Using a detailed benchmark BLG now relies on attachments from KAUP - especially Fork Positioners - mounted on Linde forklift trucks supplied by Willenbrock Fördertechnik GmbH & Co. KG.

Attachments in operation are, for example, Fork Positioners in the ranges T411 and T466 - partly with screw-on forks - in tonnages from 1,5 to 8 tons. Both these ranges are suitable for medium to heavy duty operation even on uneven ground and are flexible enough to handle regularly changing transport containers - at BLG these are different sized containers.


BLG Logistics AG & Co. KG (BLG) was founded in 1877 and is an international operating logistic service provider based in Bremen and Bremerhaven. The company is involved in several business activities, among others for the automotive industry, and operates a network of container terminals covering the whole of Europe.

Head Office: Bremen, Germany
Branch:  Logistic


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