This combination of attachments make it possible: the handling of palletized and non-palletized goods without device change.

Two attachments in one

Apart from customer satisfaction and dedicated employees the Elkjøp Group considers Elgiganten's efficient logistics as their key to success. For example, in order to deliver supplies, optimally and timely, to all 289 electronic shops as well as the online trading company Elgiganten centrally stores all the goods in a distribution centre in Jönköping Sweden. This centre has the considerable size of 95.000 square meters - the equivalent of 14 football fields.

Even on-site logistics are important. Due to the broad range of goods offered by Elgiganten special requirements are placed on the attachments necessary for handling. The attachments should not only handle palletized goods but should also be able to transport non-palletized goods - mostly white household goods. Thus Elgiganten will make internal logistics even more efficient and spare personal bad working conditions. A challenge which KAUP met successfully.

The solution for the handling requirements in Elgiganten's local electronic shops - and the affiliated Finnish company Gigantti - is a very special attachment. The 1T413G/180TM can handle goods stored on pallets, can also transport non-palletized white goods and is actually two attachments in one. Further special features increase the benefits for the Swedish electronic retailer.

Part of the solution are appliance clamps in the range T413G with an opening range of up to 1.550 mm used for palletless handling of washing machines, fridges etc. The second are folding rubber coated forks which can be used for transporting Europallets. A pin shaft situated below the clamp body is a prerequisite for the mechanically folding forks. These can be tilted upwards when not in use, downwards when required and can even be extended telescopically.

Another special feature of the KAUP solution is the sideshift stroke. The Elgiganten driver can, depending on the requirements, change between valve block sideshift or seperate sideshift. This can be switched mechanically.


Elgiganten is an on- and offline electronic retailer which currently has 289 electronic shops in the Scandinavian countries of Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland. Elgiganten belongs to the Norwegian company Elkjøp Group which is part of Dixons Carphone plc.


Head Office: Kista, Sweden
Branch: Retail and wholesale trade
Website: elgiganten.se


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