Container-Handling 'Made in Germany' Telescoping Side Lift Spreader T193 in operation

ProContain GmbH is part of the ALHO group. Within this group of companies, ProContain considers itself as a specialist in container construction and concentrates on the innovative manufacturer of high-quality room solutions – from simple standard containers to complex container buildings. At the two production locations in Coswig near Dresden and Morsbach in North Rhine Westphalia, ProContain builds system containers for the highest demands with over 200 employees. For its location in Saxony, the container professionals required a suitable attachment for the secure handling of the containers produced.


  • Supply of an individual container spreader for fork lift trucks working with the industrial truck specialists, Beutlhauser
  • Picking up office and special containers from ProContain GmbH with crane eyes
  • Picking up 20’ ISO containers on the corner castings


  • Telescopic side spreader 20T193-16-33 with Terminal West mounting – compatible with Linde fork lift H160D/1200
    • Technical special features
      • hydraulically vertically adjustable from 2,400 - 2,800 mm
      • hydraulically width adjustable from 4,820 - 9,820 mm 
      • load capacity 8,000 kg at 1,500 mm load centre
      • hydraulic locking using bolts 
      • telescopic locking heads
      • techanical level compensating device 150 mm


ProContain is an innovative manufacturer of containers for office and administration buildings, schools, kindergartens, day-care centres, hostels and also building sites and other buildings.

Head Office: Coswig & Morsbach, Germany
Branch: Container construction

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