voestalpine AG

A leading technology and industrial goods group uses a special KAUP Rotating Clamp.


For safe lance handling

In order to manufacture different kinds of steel refined scrap metal and pig iron is needed to achieve the required properties such as hardness, surface finish and formability. However, before the molten iron can be furnaced in the converter to steel, it must be desulphurised to attain high quality requirements. This is done by desulphurisation stands which also deslags the pig iron prior to handling.

Using so called blow-in lances - these are steel pipes coated with FF-concrete - a powder based desulphurising agent is mixed with the liquid pig iron. During this process all sulphur present is hardened in the desulphurising slag. In order to handle the lances, in co-operation between KAUP, Linde and voestalpine Stahl GmbH Linz, a forklift truck already in operation at the plant was fitted with a KAUP attachment.

Attachments face a tough challenge when operating in the manufacture of steel. They operate in an environment with large fluctuations in temperature and with dust. Under these conditions in the steelworks transportation and handling of the concrete lances, with a length of up to 7.300 mm, a maximum weight of 900 kg and a maximum diameter of 250 mm, is the challenge to be met.

The rotating clamp 3T498P in a special "voestalpine-version" is an additional attachment, tailored to the specific requirements in Linz, for the forklift truck already fitted with a KAUP attachment which is in operation at the plant. The rotating clamp 3T498P in "voestalpine-version" consists, apart from standard sideshift stroke (+/- 100 mm) of:

  • parallel guided, differing lengths of clamping arms,
  • pressure plates coated with Secutex and
  • a rotating range limited to 180° with a neutral position horizontally - of 90° each to left/right.


voestalpine AG (voestalpine) is a technology and industrial goods group that operates worldwide. A leading provider in the manufacture, processing and further development of sophisticated steel-based products, voestalpine is an innovative partner to technology intensive branches such as automotive, rail & air freight and energy.


Head Office: Linz, Austria
Branch: Steel Industry
Website: voestalpine.com


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