KAUP invests in sustainable power generation

Aschaffenburg, 12 July 2023 – KAUP GmbH & Co. KG (KAUP) is expanding its photovoltaic capacities. To this end, a regional specialist company will in the second half of this year install several hundred solar modules distributed across two photovoltaic systems. "We will make full use of the space on the roofs of our production halls as far as this is technically possible," says Managing Director Holger Kaup. "Naturally, this is no small investment," he continues, "but KAUP is a company that uses a lot of energy that through this investment can be produced sustainably."

For KAUP, this is not its first investment in sustainable power generation. Another system was installed a few years ago, and rated positively in terms of experiences and yields. Once the latest system has been installed, KAUP will operate photovoltaic systems with a total output of over 800,000 kWh/a. "Since we consume a large amount of electricity ourselves, we as a company in this way naturally make ourselves more independent of rising electricity prices," says Holger Kaup, commenting on the system's performance. To achieve these values, around five and a half thousand square metres of module area is required. For comparison, it would take almost 6,000 Euro pallets to cover this area.

KAUP does not limit its sustainability efforts to the area of power generation, however. A first step was the introduction of a certified environmental and energy management system around ten years ago. These systems are supplemented with other measures. For example, KAUP is supporting the private use of electrically-powered vehicles by its employees by installing several charging stations on its company premises. Another measure is company bike leasing, which helps KAUP employees reduce their own CO2 footprint.