Telescopic Forks T180CTC with length measuring system

Handling of different kinds of goods is, in every warehouse, a daily challenge - especially at high heights or when the view to the forks is restricted. However KAUP has a system which solves this challenge - precise and accuraetly:

Telescopic Forks T180CTC with length measuring system.


The length measuring system is directly integrated into the Telescopic Forks - retrofitting is not possible. The system is made up of two elements - a depth scanner in the Telescopic Forks and a Touch-Display. The depth scanner calculates the actual length of the forks and transmits the information directly to the Touch-Display in the driver's cabin.

Smart system: As an option, the data of the length measuring system can be delivered via a CAN-Bus-interface to the forklift truck control.

Mode 1: Monitoring

In this mode the system permanently monitors telescoping and displays the current length exactly in millimeters.

Mode 2: Programming

Three individual fork lengths can be freely programmed in this modus and then selected by touch. The display indicates the programmed fork length in colour and blinking arrows show in which direction the forks must be telescoped:

  • Green: The actual fork length appears and the direction arrow blinks.
  • Red: when the programmed fork length is reached, the value displayed turns red (=stop) and both direction arrows blink.

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