Carrying Ram T185P/S

for loading paper reels into containers

KAUP product innovation: Carrying Ram T185P/S

Transportation of paper reels - especially for overseas transportation - is traditionally very complex and at riskof being damaged as paper reels are transported as breakbulk and need to be repeatedly loaded or unloaded.

More and more bulk goods are being transported in dry freight containers as, from the manufacturer to thereceiver, the goods need only be loaded and unloaded once. Additionally, during transportation in the containerthe goods are protected from adverse weather conditions. Thus it makes sense to transport sensitive paperreels in a dry freight container.

However, the framework conditions set an enormous challenge. Rolls of liner board have a diameter of up to1.250 mm, a length of 3.800 mm and weigh up to 4 tons. They can neither be stacked standing 'eye-to-the-sky'nor loaded crosswise behind each other as a normal 40' ISO- Container 9,6' High Cube has an inner dimensionof approx. 2.330 x 2.655 mm.

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Product brochure: Carrying Ram T185P/S