Sika CZ, s.r.o. Appliance clamp with special feature

Sika CZ, s.r.o. (Sika) belongs to the holding company Sika AG, which operates worldwide. The company has its headquarters in Brno and is a leading manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of products and systems for building and renovation in the Czech market. The Sika portfolio includes diverse products in expanded polystyrene for insulating floors, façades and roofs. Due to the particular spatial conditions, and for easier handling, Sika needed an appliance clamp with an unusual design for transporting the large-format but at the same time light packages of expanded polystyrene in its factory - the clamps have to be able to tilt the load and transport it in this position.


  • Hard work in the production of construction materials
  • Individual, unusual customer requirements
  • Special spatial conditions
  • Large-sized, at the same time relatively light transport material - polystyrene foam blocks with a height of 6000 mm and a weight of 420 kg
  • Convincing existing customers of KAUP as attachment supplier


  • Tiltable Polystyrene Clamp 1.5T413GT-130 - with a tilt angle 90° to the rear - suitable for a Toyota Tonero 25 forklift

  • Attachment has an individual load capacity of 420 kg at LCD 630 mm

  • Standard clamp arms of the Telescopic Appliance Clamp T413GT customized in shape and size for block handling - pressure plate covering adapted to the load


  • Special adaptation of the Telescopic Appliance Clamp T413GT to the requirements of Sika
  • Attachment masters the handling tasks in interaction with the selected industrial truck
  • Long-time customer Sika convinced again by the creativity in solving customer requirements

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