KAUP extends its product range with attachments from B&B

Aschaffenburg, 6. December 2022 – From next year, KAUP GmbH & Co. KG (KAUP) will distribute selected attachments from its long-term British partner B&B Attachments (B&B) across its subsidiary and dealer network. BlockMaster, LayerMaster and PowerMount are the names of the product families that will extend the KAUP range in the future and will be available directly from KAUP.

“We have been familiar with the attachments from B&B for years and we are more than impressed by them” are some of the reasons named by KAUP Managing Director Holger Kaup, “and we have considered distributing them for a while. Because we don’t have these special types of machines in our portfolio.” added KAUP Head of Sale Ralf Schüßler: “Our customers have also been asking more often about certain types of block clamps like the BlockMaster.“ continued the marketer: “The demands on goods handling are also getting more complex and are now attainable with the LayerMaster.” As a result, together with B&B, KAUP has decided to add BlockMaster, LayerMaster and PowerMount to its standard range.

New additions in detail

What is concealed in the new attachments?

The BlockMaster product family is aimed at the construction and building materials industries, because it offers a complete range of special clamps for palletless handling of brick, block, flag and kerb products. The innovative LayerMaster, on the other hand, serves a different target group. It is a so-called layer picking device and is used in a range of warehouses to pick up very different goods in layers. The third new attachment is the PowerMount. This conceals an efficient, innovative quick release system. It enables fast, simple and safe changing of forklift attachments.

Detailed information on the new products can be found on the KAUP website:

Get to know the B&B attachments