KAUP attachments: Product videos


Sideshifter T151P2

Sideshifter T151P-C

Fork Positioners

Fork Positioner T156

Fork Positioner T163S

Fork Positioner T466

Fork Positioner T160XX

Fork Positioner T466Z

Rotating Fork Positioner T456BZ

Multi Pallet Handlers

Double Pallet Handler T429C

Dreifach-Palettengerät T429B-1-2-3 von KAUP

Triple Pallet Handler T429B1-2-3

Six Pallet Handler T429-4-6


Rotator T351 / T391

Rotator T351.1S - T167

Fork Clamps

Fork Clamp T411

Harbour Clamp T411AH

Fork Clamp with Turnable Forks T411D

Fork Clamp with Block Arms that can be hydraulically tilted down

Rotating Clamps

Rotating Fork Clamp T451

Pallet Turnover Clamp T451W(A) / T451W-180 / T491W

Rotating Roll Clamps

Rotating Roll Clamp T458B

Bale Clamps

Bale Clamp T413

Rotating Bale Clamp T453

Block Clamps

Block Clamp T412V-3

Block Clamp T412V

Appliance- / Carton Clamps

Appliance Clamp T413G / T413G-1L

Telescopic Appliance Clamp T413GT

Drum Clamps

Drum Clamp T415-1

Drum Clamp T415-2

Drum Tipping Clamp T406-2H

Mini Drum Clamp T445F

Telescopic Forks - Conveyer Belt Forks

Telescopic Forks T180CT

Conveyer Belt Forks T180FG2-4S


Push-Pull T145S

Pusher T141S

Reach Forks - Pantograph

Reach Fork T140SV

Pantograph T149Z

Other attachments

Discharging Device T167S


Quick coupler systems

Quick release bottom hooks