Efficient settings on electric vehicles

Every forklift truck, fitted with a KAUP attachment, becomes a multi talent and all-rounder. But, even for an all-rounder, the subject "energy saving" is increasingly important and becomes a competitiveness factor as well as a continuing challenge. Therefore, at KAUP, we focus on efficiency.

Efficient settings for the optimum functionality and performance

To reach continuous energy efficient targets with top rates a fine tuned setting is necessary. Therefore, KAUP has carried out several internal test series with regard to efficient setting between truck and attachment. The target is to achieve the best setting for performance, speed and power consumption, providing the Service Engineer on site with efficient equipment that is quick and simple to adjust.

On this page you can find the result of the test series - a PDF document for downloading. It shows the complete list of KAUP attachments up to ISO 3 in conjunction with the matching forklift trucks and the optimum values. With KAUP, you are always in the green zone.

Further information for downloading: