Harbour Clamp T411AH

with independent / valveblock sideshift - 2 hydraulic functions - with bolt-on forks - fork length 1.150 mm

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Technical data


The KAUP Harbour Clamp T411AH is a variation of the fork clamp. Particularly two things make this attachment special: On the one hand on about 2/3 of the hook-on fork length also in the hook-on fork width to rejuvenated sharpened hook-on forks (knife hook-on forks) to be able to take up standing transport property also close together. And on the other hand the parts protected against starting-up damages of the fork clamp - cylinder and side racketeer's unity.


  • For hard use suitable
  • Good visibility conditions
  • Good residual capacity
  • Independent sideshift or valveblock sideshift serially
  • Bolt-on forks serially
  • Cylinder, Ramming, Tube and Side racketeer's protection serially
  • Load backrest optionally


  • Also available without sideshift, model T401AH
  • *Also available with valveblock sideshift dependent on opening range.
  • Load Backrest see model T179.
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Product details

Attachment has separate sideshift serially. The maximum allowable sideshift stroke (e.g. ± 100 mm) is always available independent of fork or arm position (with clamps or fork positioners).
Attachment is operated hydraulically, i.e. supplied with oil from the forklift truck’s hydraulic system. Truck requires two additional hydraulic functions.
Attachment serially equipped with cylinder and sideshift protection.
Attachment can be fitted with load backrest model T479. The load backrest model T479.1 is suitable for fork positioners T160B and T466B up to 4.8T.
Attachment is designed with toe-in on the tips which should be taken into account when choosing the opening range.

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